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"No cost or fees representation on qualifying cases* This means that if you have California lemon law case that meets the "presumption" rule, you have been through arbitration and have received  an unfavorable decision, our offices can represent you with no costs or fees.

* “Success” as used means that a judgment was obtained in our client’s favor or a settlement was negotiated with our clients consent and approval in which our client received either a vehicle repurchase (buyback), vehicle replacement, or monetary compensation.

Listed client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or predict the outcome of your legal matter if you were to become a client of our law firm. For the most part, California lemon law cases can be settled in which the attorney and client do not meet in person. This make it very convenient for our clients statewide. Most cases are facilitated through phone/fax/e-mail, without the client ever having to take the extra time to come to our offices. We know how valuable your time is.

Attorneys for the Law Offices of William R. McGee are available on an appointment basis to meet with our clients, or potential clients. William R. McGee maintains office space in key California cities (San Francisco, Irvine, Santa Clarita) wherein clients, on an appointment basis, can meet with attorney(s) for purposes of discussing/starting a case (or free case evaluation), or for ongoing litigation case needs (depositions, meetings, mediations, etc.) in the course of litigation process.

The "home" or "general offices" (headquarters) address of Law Offices of William R. McGee is: 16855 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 380, San Diego, California. 92127. Law Offices of William R. McGee also maintains a Los Angeles County staffed office. Both the San Diego and Los Angeles County (Glendale) offices are "fully staffed" (personnel as well as attorney(s), with "walk-in" business welcome during normal business hours (9:00am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday).

Notwithstanding the exchange of information (including documents) concerning a potential Lemon Law claim, no attorney/client relationship is formed and no services will be performed on your behalf, until a retainer agreement has been sent to you, signed by you, and returned to our office.


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