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Lemon Law – We answer the top 7 questions

I have a problematic car, can the Lemon Law help me?

The California Lemon Law’s intent is to have the manufacturer of the automobile buy the vehicle back or replace it if found to have spent too many cumulative days in the shop for warranty repairs, or having been subject to an unreasonable number of repair visits for the same problem that is of a substantial nature affecting use, value, or safety.

I want to know if I have a case, and what my Lemon Law rights are. How do I find out?

The simple way is to call our offices and get a free case review. As California’s largest Lemon Law firm, there is never a charge for reviewing your potential lemon law case, or answering questions you may have about the problems you have been experiencing with your vehicle.

I’ve heard about this “arbitration”. What is it, and am I required to go through this?

In California, automobile manufacturers have set up a voluntary non-binding arbitration program (most manufacturers). This is a “do-it-yourself” way of going about a Lemon Law claim. It guarantees no result, and often yields nothing more than the manufacturer being granted a “repair decision”, allowing the car dealer to fix the consumers vehicle – again. To find out more about the pros and cons of arbitration, please call our offices at (1-800-CA-LEMON) 1-800-225-3666 prior to deciding to utilize this voluntary dispute resolution option.

My dealer ignores my demands to replace or buyback my vehicle. What can I do ?

The car dealership, whether the selling or servicing dealer, is not responsible to repurchase or replace your “lemon” vehicle. The responsible party is the auto manufacturer. This can be a “David and Goliath” scenario for most consumers, with the California consumer at a distinct disadvantage. Representation by an expert Lemon Law attorney can “level the playing field”. Calling our offices at 1-800-CA-LEMON (1-800-225-3666) will introduce you to our firm, get your questions answered, and allow us to review your potential lemon law situation to see if you have a case. We can then go directly to the manufacturer of your vehicle for a refund of your money, or possibly a new replacement vehicle.

My dealer wants to offer to “take me out of my car and put me into a new one, and write up a new sales agreement”. Is this the Lemon Law?

Absolutely not! This is the oldest ploy in the automobile business. More commonly known as the “trade assist”, the unwary consumer pleads with the selling dealer to take back the offending vehicle, to which the dealer creates a selling/leasing opportunity. This can cost the unknowing consumer thousands of dollars, keeps their vehicle from becoming branded a “lemon”, and often yields the dealer a staggering profit. If you think you have a vehicle that may qualify under the California Lemon Law, you should contact our offices right away at 1-800-CA-LEMON (1-800-225-3666) or e-mail us at:

I have called the manufacturer’s “customer assistance center” and they said I don’t qualify for the Lemon Law. Am I getting correct information?

The automobile manufacturer’s “customer assistance center” is not staffed by attorneys, nor direct decision-makers. The consumer must remember that these centers are for a corporation that is protecting their assets, not yours. Proceed with caution. To avoid possibly saying the wrong thing when you call, please call our offices before making any calls to the “customer assistance center”. By calling our offices at 1-800-CA-LEMON (1-800-225-3666), we can establish whether or not you have a valid Lemon Law claim against the automobile manufacturer and give you an outline of the Lemon Law process. This case review is free, an oftentimes the evaluation takes less than one day to complete.

The dealership told me that the manufacturer was going to buyback or replace my vehicle., but I have nothing in writing. What do I have?

Essentially you have a verbal promise and no documentation to support it. In this “talk is cheap” scenario the consumer is then faced with the daunting task of trying to decide if the offer (if ever actually presented in writing) even follows the consumer protection provisions afforded by our California Lemon Law! All too often the consumers Lemon Law claim is “settled” by an agreement or award that is substantially less than our California Lemon Law allows. Any consumer who feels that they have been getting the “corporate run-around” and wants to ensure their full entitlement under a potential California Lemon Law claim is urged to call our offices at 1-800-CA-LEMON (1-800-225-3666). Proper representation is vital to a successful outcome in nearly all cases.


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